Rochester Accounting Services

Many people do not pay attention to their accounting until it is too late. Poorly managed personal and business finances can have dire consequences. Making the right choice in choosing the right accountant in Rochester, NY now will save you time and money. That choice is Bianchi & Associates, LLC.

We have been assisting local clients for over 60 years with the following services:

  • Business Formation
  • Business acquisitions
  • Business sales
  • Business Mergers
  • Business systems designs and implementation
  • Liquidations and Dissolutions
  • Electronic Accounting systems
  • QuickBooks consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Representation in IRS/NYS audits
  • Internal control review
  • Wealth transfer/ Estate management/ Succession planning
  • Business and individual budgeting

Is Now The Right Time to Be Looking Into Accounting Rochester, NY?

If you are managing your accounting yourself, you are taking essential time away from your core business and personal financial dealings. The time you spend on compiling and translating financial information could be spent on networking and generating sales. You also lose time with your friends and family.

Accounting is also a highly specialized skill. Good accounting is not only having up-to-date books, it is also being able to translate financial information for management and personal decisions and making sure that your business is legally compliant. It is also essential for retirement planning, tax services, and financial planning for saving for college and so on.

An accountant is almost like a doctor, they can diagnose the financial health of both your personal finances as well as those of your company. Make that initial step by contacting us today!

Your source for trusted

accounting & tax preparation

There Are Many Benefits to Accounting Services, Which Include:

  • Having a trusted business advisor that can view your financial health position from an outsiders perspective.
  • Making sure, if you are a public company, that you are following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • Removing barriers to inward investment like loans and debt, necessary for financial growth.
  • Providing the right type of information to stakeholders like shareholders, board of directors, members and donors to whom you are accountable;
  • Saving you time and money by taking over the management of your financial records.
  • Reducing the risk of fraudulent activities within your company and personal books.
  • Putting you in the right position to grow financially.
  • Pinpoint your personal financial position, essential for investment and retirement planning.

Rochester, NY – What Accounting Services Can We Offer You?

We provide accounting services that cover a range of activities including accounts management, financial analysis, production of reports and internal / external auditing.

Rather than working in the dark, we can present you with the financial information needed to keep you on the track for success. This means being able to make better management decisions and plan for your financial future. We can also provide you with further advice regarding your retirement planning.

Another benefit of our firm is our local network. We work with many other businesses in Rochester, NY and can help you build beneficial business relationships. Our accountants in Rochester, NY also have plenty experience of the financial issues that surround every day and we can use this knowledge to your benefit.

All of our Rochester, NY accountants are highly qualified within their field and have a strong track record of meeting the accounting needs, whether personal or professional.

Ready to make the jump for success? Contact us today to get started.