Rochester Tax Preparation

The U.S tax system is complicated and there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made. If you file your taxes late, or incorrectly, you could end up paying back tax or potentially have to defend against an IRS audit. You could also be missing valuable deductions. Leave it to the professionals at Bianchi & Associates, LLC to make sure you are covered.

Tax Services in Rochester, NY to Give You Peace of Mind

If you do not understand the difference between, and implications of Sales Tax, Estate Tax, Property Tax, and Income Tax, then it is a good idea for you to consult an accountant in Rochester, NY.

You have full responsibility for your tax return, which means you need to make sure that:

  • Your tax professional has the relevant qualifications, including government licenses.
  • They have a strong track record within the tax field and multiple years of experience.
  • They have different levels of service and will provide additional assistance if questions are asked about your return by the IRS.

When you get the right professional to do your taxes in Rochester, NY, the benefits to you and your business are huge, they include:

  • Time saved for you – a tax return can take on average 10-40 hours and this will increase if you have a more complicated financial situation.
  • You can pay the least amount of taxes possible, which can mean additional money for core business activities, growth, and families expenses.
  • You can avoid penalties given for late or incorrect tax filings and avoid common tax filing mistakes.
  • Your stress load will be reduced, allowing you to focus your energy on personal wealth and business growth.
  • Personal tax issues like investment portfolios and income from rental properties can be dealt with quickly and easily.

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Why We Can Provide You with the Best Value Tax Services in Rochester

Tax is a serious business and we have tax professionals that can deal with your taxes effectively and on deadline. In addition to regular tax scenarios, we have experience in organizing scheduled back taxes and fighting IRS audits.

Our tax professionals have the qualifications to help you with your taxes. Our staff also has a strong track record of success and we can provide you with testimonials from satisfied clients.

Our commitment to you does not stop when your tax return is submitted; we will be available to help if the IRS has any additional questions. In addition, our team keeps up to date on all tax legislation, saving you money and reducing IRS queries.

You are not just a number to us. Each of our clients has individual tax needs, and part of our commitment to meeting these needs includes offering Statistik Nachhilfe, tailored to help you understand the statistical aspects of your financial situation. We analyze each client on an individual basis and provide them with tax services to suit their personal and business requirements. We have a transparent fee structure, so you can see what you will be paying for our services, with no hidden costs.

Finally, our accountants provide more than seasonal tax returns. We can help you evaluate tax implications when buying businesses, properties, your bookkeeping, and when expanding your investment portfolio.

Tax services are done by appointment with results given in most cases, at the time of your interview, Contact us today to get started and maximize your return.